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May 31, 2020

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NOTE: 1) contact [email protected] to be placed on SPLC email contact list for SPLConnect! e-letter and more 2) all online and phone connection info to online events below are listed in weekly SPLConnect! e-letter


+Due to COVID-19 the campus and office are closed and Staff are working from home.

+Council voted on 5/20/2020 to keep the SPLC campus closed for worship and all activities through June 30 due to C0VID-19. Selected ministry activity gatherings of 10 or less persons using COVID-19 precautions are allowed but not sanctioned by Council. All such gatherings please notify first Office Manager Janice Storey by phone in advance.

+Sunday Worship is Live OnLine! 9:30am! OnLine connection and/or Phone only connection info available by email weekly in SPLConnect! e-letter.

+SPLC Weekly electronic letter (email!) called SPLConnect! comes your way from Pastor Johan’s desk. To get on the mailing list request such by emailing [email protected]

+New Online Disciple and Bible Instruction: ! “Time Out and Time In: Learning to Live in God: Disciple Training and Bible” with Pastor Johan continues Wed. June 3, 10:30am-12pm. Online Access info in weekly SPLConnect! e-letter.

+Sanctuary Renovation has begun! Work to remove altar furniture and pews has begun. Timeline calls for installation of flooring, painting and new chairs and more in coming weeks. New Finished Project timeline goal: July 1.

+Online Choir Rehearsals each Wednesday, 6pm-7:15pm. Newcomers Welcome!

+Campus and Ministry Re-Opening Task Force (3 SPLC members + Pastor Johan) is at work to make recommendations to Council. Safety and Health is a priority for all.

+Memorial Garden Landscape Renovation Project is Complete! It’s Beautiful! Stop by the Campus, rear of Sanctuary outdoors, to take a look!








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