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July 26, 2020

NOTE:  contact [email protected] to be placed on SPLC email contact list for SPLConnect! e-letter and more

+Due to COVID-19 for the next two weeks, July 26 thru Aug. 9 there will be no congregation sanctioned meetings on campus and the Church Office will be closed in-person (Office Manager Janice will be working regular hours from home) 

+To reach Office Manager Janice Storey during regular hours (Mon-Thurs 9:00-12:00 12:30-4:00) please call the office cell phone at 352-460-7199

+Policy requiring masks has been changed now to requiring all persons in all church buildings to wear masks regardless of the number of persons in the room/facility (previously, while Office area required masks, in FLC, Parish Hall and Sanctuary masks were required only when 5 or more persons in the room).

+Sunday Worship is Live OnLine! 9:30am! OnLine connection sent out to all via email during the week.

+Sunday Gathering is Live Online! 11am! Online connetion sent out via email during the week.

+SPLC Weekly electronic letter (email!) called SPLConnect! comes your way from Pastor Johan’s desk. To get on the mailing list request such by emailing [email protected]

+Sanctuary Renovation Continues! New lighting installed. New flooring completed! New chairs placed in Sanctuary! Stay tuned!

+Campus and Ministry Re-Opening Task Force (3 SPLC members + Pastor Johan) made recommendations to Council on June 1. June 16 Council took action on purchasing sanitizing supplies and equipment as well as a package of technology equipment to allow for live Online Streaming of the Worship Service when we are back on campus.  Safety and Health is a priority for all.

+SPLC Ministry Team Leaders: 2021 Budget Preparation Workshop was held June 30 and video recorded for those who could not attend and the link was emailed out to you. If you did not receive and need that link, please contact the Church Office. Please submit your 2021 Ministry Plan and Budget Requests to Church Office by August 1.

+Memorial Garden Landscape Renovation Project is Complete! It’s Beautiful! Stop by the Campus, rear of Sanctuary outdoors, to take a look!







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