Worship Service

Vibrant in spirit and liturgical in style, our weekly worship service finds its foundation in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship Orders of Service and hymns and songs. Within the 4 part rhythm of the Gathering, Word, Meal (Holy Communion) and Sending, our worship seeks to build an experience of the presence of God in Christ where all feel uplifted in spirit as well as equipped to serve God daily during the week.

Our Sunday (9:30a.m.) worship service, including all hymns, is printed in our worship bulletin to make it easy for our many guests to worship at St.2012-11-11 15.19.03 Philip. Pastor Bergh provides a sense of warm hospitality and Christ’s presence as he presides at Baptism, Holy Communion and preaches the word of God in a meaningful way. Holy Communion is celebrated at every Sunday service and is done by dipping the wafer into wine or grape juice and is open to all who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. A child care center is provided in the parish for families with children aged 1 to 8. First time visitors are encouraged to fill out a yellow welcome card located in the pews and to stop by our welcome table after worship service..

The hospitality of St. Philip continues as everyone is invited to our adjacent Family Life Center for coffee hour and fellowship.




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